Friday, January 7, 2011

Flashback Friday

A few posts back I featured a video with Ja Rule, DMX and another emcee.

That other emcee was Mic Geronimo and the clip reminded me of a song of his I liked back in the day.

Geronimo could be smooth in delivery and persona. I dug that. And the sample sets the perfect mood for the track.

But is anyone creeped out by the potential pedophilia going on? Remember, this video came out in 1995 and there's a certain someone featured pretty prominently who would've been around 16 at the time (though her birth date is debatable).

Remind me to stop analyzing hip-hop. Doing it hurts.


Brainstormlive said...

wow its really amazing talk you have shared.i really enjoyed it.Video is also good.
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Diallo said...

i betcha your boy Mic and Foxy are the same age

Jacarl said...


I hadn't thought of that angle for some reason. However, in checking the Wikipedia, he's listed as being a 1973 birth. That's still 5 or 6 years older than Foxy.

I'm no legal expert but it seems like they were walking a very fine line.