Monday, January 10, 2011

Stuff I Liked in 2010 (Dance-able Music Edition)

Recapping 2010 has been a slow-go.

Sorry about that. For my part, I'll try to share some things I enjoyed from a year that suspect in a lot of ways (and after this weekend, I'm having fears about 2011, too).

Anyway, here it goes...

I first heard this track when DJ Spinna put it on during a set he did here in DC. It's just a typical dope cut from a guy who I consider to be probably the best all-around DJ/producer you can find these days. Hats off to Spinna for this joint, and thanks even more for making it vinyl exclusive (as far as I know). Those of us with turntables deserve a reward every once and a while for being curators of a vanishing medium.

Kemeticjust feat. Terrance Downs-- "I Got Life (DJ Spinna Mix)"

This next track isn't new, but it was new to me. Back in July, I interviewed a guy who's spent a good deal of his spare time running a mail order business dedicated to preserving some of the best music from artists you've never heard of. At the end of our meeting, he let me take as many zany press photos, 12-inches and CDs as I wanted.

Yeah, I completely compromised my journalistic ethics and integrity but, then again, I'm not a real journalist. I'm a blogger. So f--k it.

Regardless, one of the CDs I picked came from George Smallwood. I'll spare you his story but to say the least, he's an interesting cat. The song that really blew me away and makes for a perfect early evening, sun-setting-over-the-ocean (or if you're downtown, a rooftop with a pool) summer jam, IMO.

George Smallwood-- "You Know I Love You"

So, these were two tracks that kept me going and made me forget about the isht fest that 2010 was.

Here's to a (hopefully) better 2011.

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