Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So Long...(for now)

Well, I'm sure y'all who regularly read the site saw this coming.

To put it plainly: We're Busy.

And we just don't have the time (like we used to) or even the manpower to keep this site the fun/current/interactive/lively site you know. At least not like we used to.

Which is okay, because being and becoming busy is a good thing.

To be clear: you can still follow all of us (Bashir, Jacarl, Craig, yours truly) on Twitter. And wow, who could have known I'd ever write that sentence. The first time I ever heard of Twitter was in June 2007, when we were at...


Hard to believe that we were in the offices at The Message four years ago today. Plenty of people have entered and completed a four-year college program since we went live with our very first videos ("Kimbo," "Saddam's Last Words," and "Mario Van Peebles' 'Dreamgirls'").

When this website, Long Live The Message, was started, it was out of anger! Resentment! Few remember, but the original name of the website was The Message Is Dead.

But who could blame us. We had had a web series. One that we controlled creatively about as much as anyone could ask for. And we had made the most of it. And suddenly it was gone. So we wanted a place on the web that couldn't be taken from us. A place to save all those sketches we loved so much.

From the Fall of 2007 until the Fall of 2008, LONG LIVE THE MESSAGE was our primary creative focus, allowing us to maintain the spirit of our web series while blogging and commenting on everything we would have been shooting videos about had the AOL rug not been pulled from underneath us.

And then came Chocolate News. We were working in TV.

And then came Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Suddenly we were working every single day in TV. And the workload has never let up over the more than two years we've been at Fallon.

We're still excited to deliver to y'all some new Message-style material, because frankly (and sadly), the original void in urban comedy we sought to fill is still there.

Go almost anywhere on the dial and it's still hard to find comedy with our themes that doesn't talk down to you, that isn't too bourgeosie to be funny and silly, that isn't too ghetto, too safe, too Christian, too angry, too dumb, too abstract, too unafraid to cast Ice Cube or Brian White...most of what is out there sucks.

Our mission isn't done, and this post isn't a Eulogy. We aren't even taking down this site so to speak.

We're just announcing, formally, that there will be no new posts here, at least until the site itself is re-designed and relaunched. And when that time comes we will announce it on Twitter.

We still believe in The Message. And what it stood for. And for what it will stand for again.

One day, hopefully soon, we will again have an outlet (on TV, in film, on the web, OnDemand, streaming, wherever) where we will once again merge the disparate influences of hip hop and politics, The Simpsons and The Muppets, the Harlem Renaissance and '70s Hollywood, Charlie Parker, Barack Obama, Mel Brooks, Cory Booker, Kanye West, Dave Chappelle, Seth MacFarlane, not to mention the wonderful cities of Chicago, Atlanta, NY, Philly, and Los Angeles.

And we're going to add to our Message family. Expect us to work with contemporaries and personal heroes of ours, from Jimmy Fallon to Wyatt Cenac, to Ryan Leslie to Donald Glover, to Craig Robinson to Ahmir ?uestlove and Black Thought.

Unafraid, un-shy, ballsy humor and satire.

There's more on the way. But this Blogspot site won't be the center of it. So stay tuned on Twitter, please continue to watch our work on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and don't lose faith in us.

We're grinding hard, to make sure that the dream doesn't die. 2011 will be the biggest and best year yet. We hope it's that way for everyone.


Diallo Riddle (@DialloRiddle on Twitter) &
Bashir Salahuddin (@BashSala on Twitter)


Thomas said...

Wow... this site will be missed.

Williams said...

Damn... This is as bittersweet as it gets. So sorry to see you go, but I'm looking forward to what you have next up your sleeve.

I first ran into you guys from one of The Message bits that went viral. But 'once' is all I needed to get hooked; finally, a comedy crew that spoke to my reality and sense of humor. You guys were killing it back then, and you are killing it now.

But as you said, the void is still there. Here's to hoping you fill it quickly. We need guys like you to pick up the mantle where the likes of Dave Chappelle have let it rest. It's your time now. I only hope that your next act comes swiftly.

Best of luck,


jonathan said...

I sort've saw this coming, but it's still sad. I also have to be honest in that your guys' year of unemployment made for my most enjoyable year of blog reading. Pretty much every day had a least one post if not more and each one had me interested. If my work made me pay back in the time I owe when reading this site (especially 08-09)on their time, I'd have to take out a small loan.

I've got a wild hunch that I wasn't the target demographic of The Message Show and this blog, but you guys really have the ability to entertain and speak to any audience - while affirming your roots. From following this blog, I know that you guys not only possess a rich comedic perspective, but also a sense of purpose and even fate as to where you will make your mark - and there's little doubt you will.

I'm not on Twitter and since I live in the Great Northern Tundra I'm not sure how I'll come accross this new incarnation. Perhaps Providentially, in a similar way to when I saw a link to "Black Issues in Space" a few years ago while on some random site.

It's probably easiest for me to leave it at "thanks and all the best". But since this is the last post, I have to go further and say that your guys' contribution through the show and this blog have added significant joy, perspective and meaning to me these past 3+ years.


P.S. Thanks and all the best

Blacktain America said...

THis is indeed sad.

I check this place out everyday like a reflex.

I guess i'll continue to follow you guys on twitter.

as a side note, considering I see Tim & Eric on my tv machine every week, now on HBO as well! I don't see why y'all aren't. I for one, look forward to this day.

thanks for the yuck yucks,
The Man They Call Blacktain America: Curt

Diallo said...

@ jonathan and anyone else not on Twitter

two things:

1. be sure to click on the little box "Email follow-up comments to..." so that when the next thing jumps off, we can let you know here at the site and in the comments and that way, you'll be informed

2. my email is dialloriddledj@gmail.com - y'all can feel free to hit me up there

Young Atticus said...

Well done, brothers. Thank you for all the perspective, insight, culture, humor, everything. You have certainly brightened up my last three years.


Young Atticus

Robin Thede said...

thanks for everything!

but you forgot to mention any women on your list ("Jimmy Fallon to Wyatt Cenac, to Ryan Leslie to Donald Glover, to Craig Robinson to Ahmir ?uestlove and Black Thought.")... there are a few of us out here doing the damn thing too :-)

all the best and many blessings :-)

Roxie said...

I'll miss you, but I will continue to enjoy your success.

I love the show & watch it every night.

kid video said...

I've enjoyed the sketches and blog content...

The message will never die...

I'll be on the lookout for "The Message Show" that i'm sure is coming soon.(perhaps on TVOne?)

Diallo said...

@kid video

"I'll be on the lookout for "The Message Show" that i'm sure is coming soon.(perhaps on TVOne?)"

haha - um, yeah....

Diallo said...

@ Robin Thede

you know, if you suspend that whole "restraining order" thing, we'll be more than glad to work with you and your baller collaborators

Robin Thede said...

@ Diallo



Anonymous said...

i have no clue how i stumbled upon this site about a 1 1/2 to 2 years ago. but i was glad that i did because i actually enjoyed what you guys had to say. because it's a rare condition this day and age to have an intellectual conversation with other blacks (not that race matters but you know what i mean.) even when you disagreed with me. hopefully, you'll return when you do something ignorant ish at work. causing you to get fired and collect unemployment. anyway, i will mos definitely follow you guys on twitter even though i rarely post. and if you need some new writers/interns to help out with the site. i'll be up for the challenge to keep it going if anybody else is down ?

- bozack

p.s. yes, i stole a line from the family matters theme song because it fit with what i had to say.

KhmerG ay said...
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chandra said...

Oh! after so long, its june and i still don't see any posts!@bose

freetv said...

damn i don't go on twitter though :(

Sandra said...

I am always looking out to message taking

Omar Faruque said...
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cvija021 said...

One blogger less...so sad :(

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Diallo said...

THE MESSAGE returns....

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Anonymous said...

the message will be televised.

Anonymous said...

y'all musta forgot

Diallo said...

Nope. Still plugging away. Trying to make it happen

Anonymous said...

1. Oh, SNAP! A message form The Message.

2. How does one get in touch with you on a professional level? I know it's not professional in some eyes but could I contact you by twitter/Facebook?

Anonymous said...

Is this thing still on?

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