Friday, January 14, 2011

Flashback Friday - Au Revoir Edition

Well, as you've read below, things are going to be changing around LLTM.

It's been a good run and hard to believe that my first post went live almost three years ago to this day. Before then, I was just a guy typing in the comment section of this site and the old HBO one because the videos they made were my sense of humor and I'd rarely seen my sense of humor on display (particularly from folks who looked like me). I had to support the effort. Fortunately, Diallo and Bashir were gracious enough to let me post from time to time and make Flashback Friday a staple.

But before I turn in my keys, as my favorite poli sci prof used to say, I have a few housekeeping chores to do:

1. In case you were wondering, my G.A.Y. Award went to this couple who in the face of the madness that was the Sherrod case last summer stood up and let the truth be known.

2. Gucci Mane. WTF.

3. Yes. THANK YOU.

4. If any of you all want to catch up with me, please feel free to hit me up on Twitter, @wjacarlm. Or check for my contact info at DCist.Com. You can find me on Facebook, probably. Or Google. There aren't too many folks out there with the name.

5. And finally, thank you all. Take care.


Diallo said...
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Diallo said...

Big shout out and thanks, Jacarl. You have made this blog truly special and we will be in touch.

jonathan said...

Thanks Jacarl. I have a huge amount of appreciation for the breadth of topics you covered and depth you put into it. I also don't know if anyone else on this site would've made a reference to Grant Fuhr and Degrassi.

All the best.

DjThePoet said...

Much love Jacarl! Your knowledge and perspective has helped reinforce my love of music.

And thanks for the occasional House!

Look forward to your next project.

D Jay

Tony said...

man, you turned me on to some really great music. I've also enjoyed your political viewpoints. I can't wait to see what you do next!



ABM said...

You hit me with some deep cuts. Thanks for all your work over these years

Diallo said...

@tony and jonathan

second both those comments