Monday, January 10, 2011

Diallo's Best of 2010

This is not your traditional "Best Of" list so bare with me.

Best Euro-Techno Dance Song

Rihanna - "Only Girl in the World"

Best Remix

Andreya Triana - "Lost In Your World (Flying Lotus Remix)"

Best Sneaky-Style Comeback Since Robert Downey Jr

Chris Brown - "Deuces"

Best Producer

Lex Lugar - "MC Hammer"

Best (i.e. Worst) Black Eyed Peas Copycats

The Cataracs

Best Return from Obscurity

Wiz Khalifa

One to Watch


Dumbest Rapper Name This Year

Curt@!n$ (?uestlove and Curren$y need to beat his ass)

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