Friday, October 29, 2010

Flashback Friday: Halloween Edition

It's hard to believe this is (at least) my 3rd Halloween edition.

Again, I hate when songs don't have a proper video but sometimes bullets must be bit.

On a related note...

Unless you have no TV and believe this interwebs craze is a bunch of bullisht, you're well aware of the rally going down in my (extended) backyard Saturday. Since I'm a dark and brooding dude, I'm supporting Colbert's half of the endeavor and thinking about adhering to his call to dress as my greatest fear for the day.

I just might have found my costume inspiration...

Anyone else going to be on the Mall for the festivities?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Get Used To It (Maybe): Prop 19

I know some peeps on the Left are fearing what next Wednesday might look like but some folks from the state standard-bearer for Red-ness seem to be shook up by what might become more frequent in California.

View more news videos at:

"In Texas, our players and managers ride the white horse, you oregano tokin' hippies."

Even though it might be trailing in the polls, Prop 19 could pass and set in motion the legalization of weed in California.

Problem is, greenery is still illegal in the US. And California is still part of the United States. Yeah, so whoever came up with the genius plot was getting high on their own supply.

Which leads to my main question about this video: If you aren't high (or drunk) at a baseball game, how else are you going to enjoy it?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Love Everything About This

And you KNOW I play that Madden:

Notes from the For Colored Girls premiere

I was at the premier for FOR COLORED GIRLS last night

1.'s a movie worth seeing though some parts are hard to sit through and challenge credulity.

There's something so great about seeing great actors recite great words. I could watch it for hours and hours. Ntozake Shange's ability with language in the hands of some of the gifted actresses made for some immediately classic film moments.

Yet I worry that it's too much. You lose the potency of a poignant moment...the more poignant moments you add. At times it feels like overkill...which in turn makes it feel like parody and the preposterous.

The tone was consistent and the directing showed touches of brilliance....but the subject matter buries everything. I think those who don't like this film will not respond to its brutality and sometimes anachronism (being written originally in 1975). We'll see.

Also, Perry built out what is essentially a greek tragic poem with plot, dudes and attempts to tie it in to 2010 which, while necessary, made it feel shoehorned. Why couldn't it just have been a period piece?

Again, I think some will have an issue with some of his choices since the movie really lives on the words of Ntozake Shange and her diehard fans probably won't like any of Tyler's additions.

But Tyler stays true. Most of what he adds is built from the original story.

2. the acting was surprising:

(a) Anika Noni Rose - her poem steals the movie though it comes right after a brutal scene. I'd almost wanna see it without the rest of the film. you can TELL she's worked with an acting coach as she has that ability only the most talented Shakespearean actors have of delivering the emotion ON the words of dense yet gorgeous prose. And she purdy too.

(b) Tessa Thompson - her name ain't on the poster. But she is an AMAZING actress. She has range like few I've seen. I hope she has a long and wonderful career. She has the ability to win an oscar someday.

(c) Janet Jackson - though Tyler borrows a little too heavily from The Devil Wears Prada for her character... her delivery of the poem "sorry" is understated in way I've never seen. I really enjoyed the hell out of it. Makes you wonder if there's ever been a family as talented as the Jacksons... i mean, they're basically all good at everything.

(d) Loretta Devine - I think she should do Shakespeare. Period. She gives a lot of audience fave type stuff...but I feel she's underrated as an orator even more than an actress. I'd love to see her deliver some verse at the globe theatre.

(e) Macy Gray - when given the proper material, Macy Gray has the ability to deliver it better than anyone. Her voice in her scene, a hard scene to watch, btw, overtakes haunts you. Someone needs to write her a big part so we can really see what she's capable of.

(f) the rest of the women are mixed bag. I kept hearing Thandie's English accent, Kerry Washington was Kerry Washington, Kimberly Elise was doing Beloved 2.0, Phylicia Rashad was Claire Huxtable...and Whoopi was disappointing. I've been told by a director that her performance in The Color Purple was the result of LOTS of hours of work with Speilberg and other acting coaches...after last night, I believe it. I expected her to blow me away...she did not.

me, my 2nd moms Faye Wattleton, a publicist and i THINK one of the basketball wives ladies...right?

(g) the guys were mostly stereotypes but one of my BOYS from way back Omari Hardwick is in the film and does great so I gotta give him props. We used to have acting class WAY back in the day and his career has been on the up and up ever since. He takes acting VERY seriously so you should look out for him.

3. Why was John Salley at the premiere?
Seriously, why WAS I there?

4. Phylicia Rashad is still fine as hell in person. I feel like we should just go out one time to see how it feels.

Let's talk about it more when you see it.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Todd Edwards Mix

A while ago, a commenter accused us of not knowing UK Garage icon Todd Edwards.

You picked the wrong group of black dudes, my friend...we've been rocking Todd since the late 90s (and we know he goes back before that, for the rec).

Regardless, over the summer, Todd recorded a mix of songs and I've been listening to it today at the office.

Give it a whirl if you want to hear the house/dancehall sound that moves tons of urban Britons.

Todd Edward's Time Out NY mix by TimeOutNewYork

Monday Morning - Holding Obama Accountable

You should take a second and read Frank Rich's article from over the weekend.

Here's a snippet:

We can blame much of this turn of events on the deep pockets of oil billionaires like the Koch brothers and on the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which freed corporations to try to buy any election they choose. But the Obama White House is hardly innocent. Its failure to hold the bust’s malefactors accountable has helped turn what should have been a clear-cut choice on Nov. 2 into a blurry contest between the party of big corporations and the party of business as usual.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Flashback Friday

I've posted material out of the Boot Camp Clik before but I'm doing it this time because earlier this week, Duck Down Records came through town with a barn-burner lineup: Buckshot, Pharoahe Monch, Smif-n-Wessun, Kidz In The Hall, etc. It sounded like a can't miss show.

And of course, I missed it.

As a poor substitute, I'll post one of the last solid singles from the Clik I remember picking up during the crew's hey day during the mid- to late-1990s.

Nothing screams less hip-hop more than a bunch of dudes looking hard while at a lighthouse donning gear from Deadliest Catch. But somehow Originoo Gunn Clappaz (O.G.C.) manage to pull it off.

And diss Biggy in the process.

Hats off to them. That's kind of ballsy and could be indicative of having "No Fear," both the title of this track and of a ishtty 1990's clothing line.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

November 2nd Can't Come Soon Enough

Sweet Jesus.

This bat-shit crazy political year is coming to a close.

But I have a question to ask you all:

Who was the most wacked out candidate of them all?

Part of me feels kind of wrong for picking on folks but in the age of the interwebs, one person's f--k up/lunacy/quirkiness is another person's point to ridicule/comedic gold.

And honestly, these mofos have earned it.

By now we're all familiar with the Rent's Too Damn High guy and everything Christine O'Donnell's ever said, but I have some new ones for you from the race for Congressional delegate in D.C. (Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton holds the seat now. Don't worry. She won't lose it.) One is quite possibly the most hood space cadet you'll ever encounter, while the other just won the prize for the candidate that has such laser-point focus on one issue it almost burns your eyes out, literally.

First up, meet Sandra "Queen" Noble (Party Affiliation: F--k if we know):

Next up, there's Missy Reilly Smith (Party Affiliation: Republican):

I'm just going to supply a link-to-a-link for her campaign spot and just say it's NSFW. Seriously, when a TV station basically says, "Hey, we wouldn't show this if we had a choice" before airing your ad, you might have a problem. But I'll let our blog constituency decide. View at your own risk.

I know the U.S. loves to pride itself on being a thriving representative democracy and what-not.

But WTF, people.

Can't we just get a benevolent dictatorship and call it a day?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Flashback Friday

I'm skipping town for a few days and heading back to my second home, metro Detroit, to catch up with some folks and check out this "Denard" cat live and in the flesh.

Couple this with me having watched Detroit 1-8-7, which would make you think Detroit music began and ended with the Gordy Gang, I had to pull out some alternative Motor City sounds.

Whenever I get around to purchasing Serato, one of the first mixes I'm going to do will feature music from the states of the I-94 Corridor (or at least from Michigan to Minnesota. I have a hard time coming up with Montana Soul/R&B artists). Think about all the folks who've come out of MI, IN, IL, WI and MN. It would be a dope mix, for sure, but the first artist I would need to put on would be Cherrelle.

Yes, Cherrelle. The Detroiter teamed up with some other I-94 kids, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, to create a beauty of a track. It's too bad that her original version often gets overlooked for the visually memorable Robert Palmer cover.

Regardless, this version and non-Motown Detroit folks (excluding Aretha) need their just due because they're just too good to be missed.

And while I'm at it, I might as well throw in some more "contemporary" stuff from the D. Or at least strip club worthy.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Hype Men Podcast

Me and D did a fast and furious podcast for "The Hype Men"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What People In Utah Are Doing

Making Movies

"Unexpected Race"

By UTAH Wolf.

"I'm Not A Racist"

This is pretty hilarious. Short and sweet.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Here's An Article About Us

Partners in Scribe by 21st Century Hustle


Flashback Friday

Honestly, and I know this is almost heresy, I think Pete Rock & CL Smooth's Main Ingredient might be slightly stronger than their Mecca And The Soul Brother.

Why would say that?

I always thought the production was smoother and more lush, which in '94 was one of my criteria for a dope album.

"Take You There" was kind of emblematic of it. Great bass lines. Great Keni Burke sample.

Also, while we're talking about "mini-songs," Pete put them and the end of tracks for this album. Check the closing of "All The Places." Back in the day, I kept having to scan back on the CD player to catch these few seconds of goodness. I even bought a record of Ingredients's minis looped for several minutes.

Luckily, I finally found out who did the original and it isn't too bad, either.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Music I'm Loving Right About Now

Pick this up if you already haven't.

Mark Ronson - Somebody To Love Me

Ghostface - Shakey Dog

Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey (I heard Pete Tong spin a remix in Ibiza...FUCKING AWESOME)

Bun B feat. 2Pac and Pimp C - Right Now

O'Neal McKnight - This is the Prom

Rick Ross (feat. Kanyeezy) - Live Fast Die Young

De La Soul - Plug Tunin (possibly one of the best beats i've ever heard.)

Black Sheep - Similak Child (Album Version...another one of those hidden gems)

Terence Trent D'arby aka Sananda Maitreya - It's Been Said (the "Vibrator" album was SO slept on.)

Young Jeezy - My 1st 48

Cold War Kids - Every Man I Fall For

Don't be shy, what are you guys listening to?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This Is Important To Some Of Us

Ladybug Mecca (not sure what year)

use to have a MASSIVE crush on the young lady.

Digable Planets only put out TWO records and both are classics. Especially considering one of the members, technically...not even a good rapper.

But Ms. is she now?

D.C. Mayoral Campaign Jams

If you don't live in D.C. or its Maryland or Virginia suburbs, you've probably been consuming stories about how the city voters recently dumped its current mayor for a new one.

And if you live in D.C., you've been hearing over and over again from outsiders about how you royally screwed yourself over by not re-electing Adrian Fenty.

I could write a treatise on the 2010 Democratic primary in D.C. and how Fenty lost, but I'll leave it to WaPo's solid detailing of the mayor's crappy campaign for now. And to those commentators prone to doing fly-by-night, cookie-cutter analysis who applied their non-existent skills to describe this election, I'll offer you this:

F--k off.

Now that I got that out of my system, I'll get to my subject.

Sometimes when candidates want to reach a constituency, they try to meet the constituency where the consistency is at. In Fenty's case, get at tech-savvy urban youth with a flashy vid marrying (semi-recognizable) D.C. artists to a popular tune:

Don't fret 30 and up crowd, we got you covered, too.

And whenever a possibly good thing pops up, there are bound to be biters. Case in point, mayoral candidate Carlos "The Other White House Crasher" Allen:

My question is, how much should Drake, Jigga and Blackstreet sue for such ishtty use of their tracks?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Obama's Plan: Lose to Win?

Does Obama have a plan?

A new poll out today suggests the Dems are about to get their clock cleaned in November.

My question is, does Obama see this as the best way to get re-elected in 2012?

Think about it. It's much easier for him to run against Congress than to run on "aren't things going great?"

(And that's not really Obama's fault. The Dems in Congress have been generally spineless and unable to push through any big legislation post-Health Care. Too many Blue Dogs? Not enough White House push? Only retrospect will tell...).

Regardless, I think the White House decided at least as early as this Spring that their way to win in 2012 was to take a loss in November.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Do You Like This Remix

Fancy, Drake w/ Mary J Blige

Is This The End Of Organized Religion? Open Thread

Dude...I feel like this is a much bigger deal than it seems.

I mean, England tends to be a place that early adopts things that make their way to the states; abolition of slavery, gay marriage, better health care...

So why not Druids getting recognition and tax exemption in America? And then why not Wiccan's (who ALREADY get special dispensation in the US Armed Forces)...and if that's the case why not some religion I just make up and get 200K people to start believing in?

Classic "slippery slope" kids.

Sooner or later this was bound to happen. Atheism appears to be more and more popular online. And I've seen it getting cheers from stand up comics to left wing pundits. The more people demand their religion is special the more others want the same and the more others still say, "screw all it all, I'm reading Stephen Hawking."

(also, it doesn't help that the two times religion makes the news nowadays is when there's sexual hypocrisy or terrorism)

I don't even know anyone who practices their religion "correctly"...all my friends seems to do the stuff they like and pretend the stuff they don't wasn't in their holy books.

I think that's cool and it's human. we're all free, do what you want, practice how you want, believe whatever you want...

...but sooner or later, as money is at the heart of all of this, we'll need to decide as a country just WHO deserves to not have to pay taxes.

And in the's all about the taxes.

Dance of the Tax Exempt


Friday, October 1, 2010

Name That Sample Pete Rock edition.

good catch anonymous on finding out who yeezy sampled for

RUNAWAY (Kanye West)

THE BASEMENT (Pete Rock and CL Smooth)

A few things

1. me and my circle of friends pretty much WORSHIPPED Mecca and the Soul Brother. I mean that's all we listened to for a few weeks. Pete Rock was our god.

2. I forgot how much Pete Rock put in "mini-songs" before each song. It's almost like he WASTED a whole albums worth of tracks in Mecca. Like you could take all the mini-songs out and make a whole other album...that's how you know he was overflowing with talent at his peak. he was like, "fuck it, I like all these songs so I'm gonna just waste half the beats"

greatest wasted beat on the album...the first 12 seconds of this fucking MASTERPIECE
T.R.O.Y. (I refuse to get tired of this song.)

Flashback Friday

If you're like me and heavy in to music, you have a tendency to temporarily forget how much you liked certain tunes, only to rediscover them at seemingly random times.

The most recent track for me is this Jamiroquai gem.

If I remember correctly, I started listening to J Kay & Co. when I was my Brit acid-jazz phase and my friend's brother was banging "Space Cowboy" all throughout the summer of '95.

Looking back, I now realize why he was digging this song so hard:
He was high as all hell and "Cowboy" is, at its heart, a weed smokers' anthem.

Regardless, I put this one in my cadre of classic tunes and as we roll through fall towards winter, I think I'm longing for the warmer days I came to associate "Space Cowboy" with some 15 years ago. Screw the greenery.

And now I think I'll be banging this joint through the cold weeks to come.