Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So what's going down?

--Hey, Mississippi. Get on a tread mill. And Black folks, you too.

--Chris Brown: Honest or applying for his SAG membership?

--Lebron as a Clipper? Really?

--Did T.P. really fire his staff over that Boondocks episode? Or did he do it because of your post comments? (Yeah, Media Takeout isn't exactly the Word of God but please work with me, people.)

--Would you go crate digging with the Russian prez?

--Kagan's got jokes.

--Senator Oprah Winfrey proves Blago is either a calculating political genius or a space cadet. You make the call.

--Anyone had some bomb-ass tapas lately?

The floor is yours...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Asshole of the Week/Worst Disguise

You might've heard of Christopher Coke due to the major fighting that broke out and the attributed 75 deaths in a Kingston neighborhood when authorities attempted to extradite him to the U.S. on drug charges.

Here's a pic of him looking mad Raekwon-ish:

Coke was apprehended yesterday as he was supposedly going to turn himself in at the American Embassy. Yeah, his alleged misdeeds and their aftermath were condemnable but his "disguise" could be declared a fashion crime:

Congrats Chris Coke. You're our (Worst-Dressed) Asshole of the Week.

Flashback Friday

One year ago today.

It just kind of seemed fitting to put something up.

Plus, there's more Guttenberg in this post than any other you'll see on this site.


And as a bonus, a demo version that I'd argue is darn near on par with the version that we all came to know and love. Also, it's pretty easy to tell who produced it.

Have a good weekend, y'all.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Does Marriage Suck or Does It Rock?

I'm asking seriously. I'm not betrothed but have been having a lot of discussion about it with good friends, the ranks of whom are increasingly married.

I've heard two view points from my boys:

1) marriage is good most of the time.

2) marriage sucks, put it off as long as you can.

I'm out the game, son.

I'm legitimately interested to hear from folks and want to hear people's personal experience/ opinions and I understand most of you will have to post anonymously.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Boondocks' "Pause" Conversation

Ask and you shall receive...

Thoughts? I see a couple of items in this:

1. Is it homophobic?
2. Should T.P. respond?
3. Doesn't this make you respect Ice Cube just a little more?

I can't remember a public diss of Perry's work on this scale but it's been a long time coming, IMO. I'm no Hollywood guy but there seems like a subtle fear, save folks like Spike, to critique Tyler and his (largely crap-ass) work. Just like this episode hinted at, a lot of his actors are seemingly trying to break in to the industry or are marginally in it. Pissing off the king and his empire will torpedo your career.

Also, black folks are desparate for any representation on screen. I just wish we weren't desparate enough to make Perry the MLK of black entertainment.

P.S.--@ Diallo and Bashir, I could help remembering some of the dialogue from the "Every Black Show" skit. It still cracks me up thinking about it.

New tracks from Ninja Tune

Two songs were getting repeat plays in my itunes when I realized both artists are on Ninja Tune. Can it be that's a label worth listening to again?

Flying Lotus doesn't disappoint with this one, a remix of Andreya Triana's "Lost Where I Belong."

And Bonobo is an artist that popped on my radar about two years ago, but this new song, "Kiara," is the best song from him I've heard.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Roots!

The gentlemen of whom we are fans and with whom we get to work every day released number 11 today: HOW I GOT OVER.


It's already number 5 on iTunes. Huge.

At any rate, Kudos to them, especially for putting our friend Phonte on two tracks.

My faves right now are

Right On feat. Joanna Newsom


Radio Daze feat. Blu, Porn and Dice Raw

I feel like Ahmir's whole POV is "Protect The Groove."

The whole shit is very head-noddy. Been rocking to it all day.

DIALLO ADDENDUM: Have to weigh in on this too. How impressive is it that the current TOP 5 ITUNES ALBUM DOWNLOADS are two Eminem albums, Drake and Miley Cyrus. And The Roots. How much radio play are those other three artists getting compared to Ahmir, Quest, Kamal, etc. Good job, gentlemen. You did it, and without the help of Clear Channel.

I Have Always Loved Brian Regan

Apparently he's got a huge following from Christian Conservatives (read that somewhere). Probably because his stuff skews clean.

But his POV isn't ironic and I appreciate that.

And he always makes me laugh.


Phones and Codes

Japanese Fanta Commercials

I know I'm late on these. I know.

but they had me laughing out loud so I had to share.

VIdeo Games Are So Over The Top Nowadays

(and yes, I'll be picking this up as soon as it's out.)

what games are you playing right now for the 360? I could use some suggestions.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Should I Get Into This Dude

Miike Snow


Monday Open Thread

Check out "Fallen Hero" by NuFrequency feat/ Ben Onono (remixed by Rennie Foster) below.

(start at the 1:57 mark if you're impatient)

And then let us know what's good with you...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Asshole of the Week

Just when you thought isht couldn't get worse in Detroit, fuckery strikes again.

This time, it's not in the Mayor's Office, though. It's the schools.

And I'm not talking about the system's poor test scores and financial misery. Oh no.

Meet School Board President Otis Mathis.

Looks like a good enough guy, right?

Wait, dude can't write?

Wait, he fondled himself for 20 minutes during a meeting with schools Superintendent Teresa Gueyser?

And then he unzipped his pants?

And he's done this isht before in front of her?

What the fuck?

Well, at least he resigned.

Hold up. He rescinded his resignation?

Best quote of all about this whole ordeal comes from Reverend David Murray, c/o the Detroit Free Press:
“He’s a young man; maybe he didn’t know it was offensive to her,” Murray said of the 55-year-old Mathis. “It’s not something I would do. He’s a young man. That’s just the way it is.”


Just a quick survey for the readership by gender:

Guys--How often do you whip your junk out in front of your female co-workers?
Ladies--How often have you not liked it when your male co-workers whipped their junk out in the workplace?

Would real leaders please stand up?

Flashback Friday: Father-Son Edition

It's Father's Day Sunday. If you forgot, get to Macy's, Amazon or wherever else you need to to get that gift. And if you're already a daddy, congrats on your day.

With music, some talent just seems to be genetic. So this Flashback is dedicated to fathers who helped put their sons on a funky path.

First up, Otis Jackson. Otis Sr. is a smooth soul sainger. Not singer. Sainger. Here he is putting laying down solid game on a young foxy in a way that's sure to get him some action.


But one of the elder Jackson's greatest creations was his son, Otis Jr. You might know him as eccentric beatmaker/emcee, Madlib.

Something tells me, in 'Lib's case, we should probably thank weed, too.

Finally, some classic material. A legend jazz pianist, Thelonious Monk.

And while he doesn't quite have dad's status, drummer/vocalist T.S. Monk put out some heat back in the '80s.

Enjoy the weekend you all and give a tip of your hat to the dads out there.

Ron Ron has a ring?

I love the Lakers.

But tonight, all I can think is one thing.

Ron Artest thanked his psychiatrist then shouted out his new album.

wonder how this story is gonna end

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Boston Globe Needs Pulizter

Their BIG PICTURE page is always a great source of images worth far more than a thousand words.

It's perfect for the internet and puts you front and center of events all over the world.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fuck The Seattle Police

For once again blindly supporting their "brother" when he does something deplorable.

Further, I've become disappointed and angered by the comments on many of my favorite sites about the incident everyone's seen where a cop punches a lady in the face.

1. That is never okay, period.

2. It IS racism. Period. Only racism can make someone have that much rage and be that out of control that they thinks it's okay to punch a citizen in the face. Especially a woman.

The man has pepper spray and a taser. Both somewhat extreme but far more in line with the social contract for someone resisting arrest.

Punching in the face? That's assault. That's brutal. That's personal. And in this case represents a level of racial anger I've rarely seen.

No fucking excuse.

3. Jaywalking? Arrest? Really?

I've seen people get expensive tickets for Jaywalking in LA. It's usually hilarious. I've never seen anyone arrested for it. NEVER.

4. And for everyone saying you should just do what cops say all the time and you'll be just fine.
Honestly, at one point in society did we start always siding with cops?

I've seen cops do more horrible shit on the internet and television over the past two decades than I can recall. I've seen them break the law.

I have many cops in my family. You should hear the stories about the shit they do. They stuff they get away with.

These people aren't just "doing their jobs." Many cops feel like they're The Punisher or Judge Dredd. They make the law.

The actions by the officer were deplorable.

He doesn't know how to reasonably handle tough situations required to be an effective officer.

5. That cop should be fired yesterday.


ps - of course, since this is 2010 the women who got abused have police records. that still doesn't make it right.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Classic Message Material

This still cracks me up.


After MORE than a year and a half of hype and anticipation, Drake's first album drops today.

So far, this is my favorite track of the album, MISS ME with Lil Wayne.

But its not a radio record. It's kind of a hip hop emo record.

Not sure I totally "get it." Has anyone else heard it?

Will it be a game changer? A classic?

The Chronic 2010 or Afro Puffs 2010?

Let's get into this.


THIS... the kind of song I would decry in public then love at the club.

Mother's Day is Over

Tip of the hat to @phontigallo for pointing this vid out.

When I first heard Waka Flocka Flame's joint, I had to ask a few questions:

1. What the hell is he saying?
2. Who the f--k is he?

Little did I know he was kind of a big deal. Sorry to the Waka lovers but I'm a little to old for his isht.

Anyways, whenever I come across a cat like Waka, Gucci or other folks of that ilk, I have to ask another question: "How did these mofos get to where they are?"

Well, here's the answer on Waka. Apparently, his mom is some type of manager and had Gucci and Nicki Minaj's careers in her hands at one point but they dropped her. Let's just say that fact is still a burr in her saddle.

Sweet Jesus.

What would you get this woman for Mama's Day? How about some damn decorum.

Can you really blame Nicki for dropping her ass?

Between her and Gloria James, I almost feel bad for some of these young entertainer/athletes. If your mom isn't gonna act right, how the hell can we hold their kids/spawn accountable for anything?

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Little Todd Edwards For Your Monday Morning

Love this dude.

There was a time about a decade ago when you could hear this at a club in LA.

Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better (Todd Edwards Remix0

Tea Party: The Series

Actually, this is a campaign ad.

I guess the GOP is trying to win in the South and nowhere else these days. Good luck to them.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Flashback Friday

Any that knows me or has met me would probably say I'm about as excitable as a librarian on a Sunday afternoon.

But ever so often I get an urge to be the polar opposite of that.
And if I ever acted on that impulse, something by M.O.P. would be my theme music. I would straight be stompin' people out.

But alas, I can't ever see myself going through with the fantasy.

I'll just settle for being the most bad-ass mofo in my cubicle grouping.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who Is Alvin Greene?

Seriously, South Carolina, what's going?!

What is the deal here? Who is he?

UPDATE: Keith Olbermann interviewed him tonight. Link is here and it's RIDICULOUS.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lady GaGa is Relevant

Unlike a lot of other entertainers nowadays.

When she makes something...EVERYONE talks about it.

Check her latest, Alejandro.

But here's something no one else will say about this video. It's kinda racist. She couldn't find any dancers of any other color? This video is just like Lord Of the Rings. Well made, compelling...and really really white.

See...I bet you won't read that on any other blog.

1. I wonder what Madonna thinks of her. Anyone know? I know this makes me sound old but I feel like everything Gaga does has been done by Madonna. The "shock" videos. The faux Catholic imagery. Gay dancers everywhere. Great pop production...I'm not hating. Gaga is an exceptional talent with a genius for music that's in the now...but I don't know why more older writers and bloggers aren't less impressed with her choices.

2. She's got wicked good legs.

Happy Birthday, Ye

One of my all time favorite Kanye tracks.

We wanna hear the new album, big dog.

Nobody Like Fela

When you go see FELA on Broadway (as I have 3 times already) there are two men who play the lead. Sahr Nguajah and Kevin Mambo.

Both are excellent. Many say Sahr, who originated the role, is superior. He even appears as the sole voice in the just released FELA! soundtrack.

I dunno. I think both men bring something unique to the role.

But neither is Fela. No one was like this guy. Not his sons, not these actors.

Pick up that soundtrack when you get a sec. Been rocking to it all morning.


ps - I hear Steve Harvey hated Fela. Good. Maybe that's why it's nominated for 11 Tonys. Cuz people like Steve Harvey don't get it.

Monday, June 7, 2010

More Good Stuff From The Geniuses at NAACP

JUST...can't make this shit up.

Marvin Isley Is Dead

at 56?!?!?!


Dude...we die YOUNG. This sucks.

Black men...write your memoirs at 38.

New Music Monday: Rick Ross and the new Nate Dogg?

I really like Rick Ross' new mixtape, ALBERT ANASTASIA. Reminds me of the best of the Jeezy mixtapes from a few years back.

But what really struck me while listening to it was the song with John Legend. His singing and Ross' flow remind me of the Nate Dogg hit machine in the 90s.

Funny how times change. John Legend and Rick Ross.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Flashback Friday

The first real weekend in not-quite-technically summer is upon us and, at least in my case, it's been a short workweek. It doesn't matter, though. I'm always game for some kickback time.

Let this Friday's boogieing selection be Cheryl Lynn.

This joint gives off an infectious vibe that's hard to dodge. Trust me, it'll get you when you least expect it. And Cheryl. You just can't stop Cheryl. If you even look like you might be hesitant to shake it, she'll shake it for you.

Good vibes galore. Enjoy.

P.S.-- I just got done watching that "Any Time, Any Place" video on VH1 Soul. Good Lord. There's something about a 27 year-old Janet I wish I'd bottled up back then to bring with me into 2010. Not just to recall constantly how fine she was at that point, but also to show her. Musically, she was in her zone. Her product was in perfect sync with her age. I can't say anything she's done since (with the exception being the majority of Velvet Rope) has done that. Trying to keep up with the Miley's and Britney's of the industry hasn't served her well. Hopefully her next time out she'll get to where she needs to be. Until then, I'll stay thankful for YouTube.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts.

Anyways, what's going on in your neck of the woods?

*Anyone got brilliant ideas for stopping an out-of-control oil leak?

*Did you slap Kat Stacks?

*Do you remember when that Ken Griffey, Jr. Upper Deck rookie card was the most valuable commodity a kid could own?

*Don't you wish this guy had won his primary on Tuesday?

*Have you bootlegged Drake's album yet?

*Any good recipes?