Friday, April 30, 2010

Your Awesome New Waste Of Time

This Is The Internet.

Maybe Not Just For The Godmother

This image of Barack crying at Dorothy Height's funeral struck me.

I wonder if these tears aren't just for Dr. Height.

I wonder if these tears are for everything.

Sometimes everything is overwhelming...and the death of an icon is all it takes to finally, just break down.

It's a tough job, B. But you're doing alright.

And I don't just mean 2 wars, a struggling economy, terrorism, FoxNews, ungrateful constituents, attacks from all sides and a world order in flux.

Maybe just think about what African American's did to uplift themselves from the 1600's to the 1960's... and think about what they do nowadays (Chicago, LA, Newark, Detroit, etc.)

Think about what Dr. Height and others gave and risked to get us opportunities that didn't exist 50 years go.

Think about what we do with those opportunities today.

Shit man...

Now I wanna cry.

Flashback Friday

Ok. Sorry for the previous "Flashback". All the Tiffany talk brought back painful memories of being the only male in an after-school aerobics class that I could only confront in video form.

But back to the regular...

Actually, this is a remake of a '60s joint, too. But unlike Tiff, Sybil made this joint her own. Love it.

Plus, given it's supposed to be around 80 degrees and sunny in the District today, a light, go-go influenced track is a nice cap to the week.

Enjoy the weekend.

Friday Flashback Fake-out

Something tells me she knew this was bullshit, too.

But this is what Reaganomics, Pop Rocks and tight-rolled acid-washed jeans got you in 1987.

Crap-ass remakes of '60s hits.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thank You, Ken Burns

Whenever I think the Tea Partiers aren't racist, that their beef with this Administration isn't based on race, I read the statements and comments on blogs like this one and am thoroughly convinced that ultimately, it IS all about race.

Ken Burns, re: Virginia's Confederate History Month - "The Civil War involved 4 million human beings that were owned by other human beings in a country that had declared to the world all men are created equal. That's why the Civil War happened."

The fact that we can't even agree that the South was traitorous for trying to secede, that indeed SLAVERY is wrong...when we can't even agree on that, it makes me sad to think some of these people will never be content, or even conscientious dissenters.

What's encouraging is that the vast of majority of Americans do not try to argue the Constitutionality of slavery, Southern secession, the Confederacy, "Separate But Equal" and Jim Crow. The majority of Americans do not support Sarah Palin, and Joe the Plumber, and the Stars and Bars, and all the other code words and symbols for "America For Whites Only."

That, in the end, is encouraging. Kudos to Ken Burns for telling the truth.

Tea Party and The Civil War

What the FUCK was Terrance Howard Thinking?


Iron Man 2 opens this weekend and will be the number one movie in America. Terrance was IN IT. Then...he wanted more money. Really?

It wasn't like he was the star of the first one. It wasn't like people were saying he made the movie and stole every scene.

What in God's name was he thinking?

He just ruined a perfectly easy name-building payday...and I'm sorry but that kind of thing annoys me because perfectly easy paydays are extremely hard to come by nowadays in this industry. Especially for black actors.

He could have just banked is Iron Man money and then did all the high brow stuff he wanted or demand a larger payday on another flick. Plus, I'm sure, even if the money was "low" it was still pretty fucking great.

There's probably more to that story than I know. But from the outside, it looks like he made a really bad decision.

1. He should fire his reps.

2. Don Cheadle, whose career was flagging, is now about to have a resurgence.

3. Big franchise opportunities don't come around every day. They're rare. When you get one, you should cherish it. Just ask Hugo Weaving (TWO FRANCHISES! and you probably can't match his name with his face.)

4. Also, let's be real, Iron Man is not like hard acting work. The boys and girls at the CGI lab do all the heavy lifting. You day is mostly (a) show up (b) eat some craft service food (c) hit one some of the set hotties (d) say like 3 lines and scowl (e) stand in front of a green screen (e) meet your peeps for dinner at AOC. It ain't like you're making Sophie's Choice here.

Terrance is a phenomenal talent with vibrant screen presence. But I have to put him in the same category with Isaiah Washington now: dudes who had a golden ticket and were like, "nah, I better fuck this up."

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Limits of CGI

This movie has not reached them.

"God help us all..."

I Want A Black Baby Too!

Are they pricey?

That kids face looks like...

..."the fuck is this about?"

Hubble Gotchu!

it was re-tweeted by NASA. YEAH, I'm about to some hot nerd groupies. BOW DOWN!!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Everything about this poster feels fake to me.


This Track Is Old But

DAMN...I'm feelin' it.

Theophillus London - Crazy Cousins (at 1:31 it just gets sublime.)

You should just download the whole This Charming Mixtape when you get a sec.

Why are the English so great at music? I mean from bands to DJ's...London has rarely let me down.

(sorry for the lack of blogging, just got back into the country)

Topical Music Tuesday: Pending Immigration Debate

Is it time for a remake?

If you think health care was a complete s--tstorm, bunker down. This is likely to be even worse.

But I have to wonder, how many people without any direct ties to recent immigrant populations will be taking to the streets protesting? What do they have to gain (other than a cheaper labor pool)? And, after all, isn't what's happening in Arizona a reaction to something that's actually illegal (improperly entering the country)?

Damn. How many policy issues have we gone through in 6 weeks? Health insurance reform, Wall Street reform, mine safety, climate change, oil rig safety. I know I'm missing something. Have we talked about guns yet?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Rise and Spectacular Fall of Scott Storch

(h/t to Bizzle)

This is an AMAZING story. I think it should be required reading for members of the Message Community. Only because we were pretty outspoken on Scott back when he was still on top of the world (see: BURNT and MAKE IT BURN).

Article is here.

Read it and be amazed.

Because in 2010, Scott Storch is broke.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Flashback Friday

It just seemed appropriate to close out the week with a couple of videos from GURU.

This first one, I still don't know what the hell's being said for half the song. But it was dope hearing this back in 1993 since it demonstrated hip-hop music existed outside of the English-speaking, North American context.

And let me say this. MC Solaar is the only "Solar" I want to hear GURU's name mentioned with right now.

I always thought it was funny that a guy from Boston (GURU) and another from Houston (DJ Premier) came to define the sound of Brooklyn in the early and mid 1990s. I'm glad they did, though. I can't imagine that time period without them.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beginning of the End

New Little Brother from their latest, and final, LP that came out this week.

I don't have it yet. Waiting on a physical copy.

Anybody have it and like to offer their assessment?

I have to say, it's kinda sad to see them go but at least they're going out on their own terms while not taking shots at each other (although Tay did go in on 9th Wonder a few weeks back, but 9th's been out of the pic for a while). Plus, there's more time for Foreign Exchange now.

Thanks for keeping me entertained for the past 8 years or so, guys. Can't wait to see what's next.

This Week In Crime

At first glance, I thought Jeezy had gone on a rampage.

Is this guy a genius or a motherf--king genius?
I say the latter and give him a "9" for overall effort. In some respects, he outworked Susan Smith and Charles Stuart in creating misplaced blame on a black dude. He actually became a black(-looking) dude to commit his crimes. That takes initiative and you gotta give him some props for that.

But what say you?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

RIP - Guru Addendum

I woke up this morning to find out an icon I'd met passed away, Dr. Dorothy Height. She was 98 and lived a long, rich life.

And now, another icon of sorts is gone. It's been a weird ordeal to watch how this whole Guru health situation has played out. It's even more amplified if you more or less grew up on the guy and he and Primo were essential to your hip-hop development.

At least now Guru is out of any pain he was in and apparently left a statement. Frankly, the statement left me a little pissed and asking more questions (like, did Keith Elam actually write it?). But right now, I rather just forget that.



Wow, this is a shock.

Homeboy left us early. RIP.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Have A Great Weekend Guys

I leave you with this...since it always makes me happy.

Radiohead House of Cards (Scotch Mist Version)

Have a Good Weekend/Sign of the Apocalypse

What can say. This was bound to happen at some point but I wasn't ready to see it.

A mama/daughter booty dance-off.

2012 is coming soon, y'all.

Worst part is, this is only the second-most f'ed up clip of the week. I won't post the other, I'll just link it. In short, Ricky Ross might need to drop one of his peeps.

And oh yeah, Stacks is backs.

That's it. I need a drink.

See you Monday.

Flashback Friday

It's hard for me to believe I bought this album on tape 15 years ago. That was like two audio platforms ago.

Smif-N-Wessun and their Boot Camp Clik compatriots looked like the personification of the sounds they put out--straight stomp-your-ass with a Timbo music.

And what better way to portray that sentiment than by having the patented "Beatdown" camera angle damn near everywhere you are: your album cover, your video, the actual beatdowns you administer.

Man, they made f--king people up seem mad cool.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

April Fool's Day In The "A"

This is a real "hood prank."

T.I. has a dude show up to the studio and convince his boy who just got out of prison...well, just watch for yourself.

I knew a ton of cats like this growing up in Atlanta, but I think the comedy at the end is universal.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

RIP Malcolm Mclaren (DJ Premier Tribute)

Malcolm Mclaren.

DJ Premier.


History in the making.

LCD Soundsystem at The Standard

This makes me homesick.

One of my favorite bands hanging out in my ol' stomping grounds.

Looks like a good time. Shout out to my girl Valida, who now books the artists there.

Why Conan is Great

He started off his comedy tour last night dressed in the same tight leather suit that Eddie Murphy rocked in RAW.

Good look, Coco.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Evil-Doers

How do they get a holiday?

Roland Martin has a must-read piece up on

Were Confederate soldiers terrorists?

I love this dude



i miss The Message today.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Flashback Friday: Forgotten Rap Superstars

Just adding to Jacarl's post.

NINE had his whole style stolen by DMX:

"It's 2010! Whatcha Want, NINE?!" "A job..."

Channel Live were hot for an album:

And I don't want to leave hot West Coast records out. Here's one I used to bump after hitting the West Coast:

And this one too:

Have a good weekend. Bashir and I, as always, at Professor Thom's in NYC tonight from 10pm until 4am.

Jon Stewart: Obama and Reagan Both Cut Arms by a Third

Why oh why does it take a comedy show to point this out?

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
The Big Bang Treaty
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party

Cry me a river, CNN. If you did your job, you wouldn't be coming up behind FOX all the time. Insane.

Chris Rocks.

"is this your 'I hate Martin Luther King' hat".

smart dude.

Flashback Friday

I realized I hadn't posted anything by Al B. Sure!

That seemed criminal. So here's my 2nd favorite Al song.

Why'd I put this up as opposed to the beautiful "Night and Day"?

Simply for the fact I'm angling to bring the phrase "Zero on the strength" back into popular use.

Who's with me?

Quick Note: RIP to Malcolm McLaren who passed away yesterday. Besides being the Sex Pistols' manager, he put in work in the hip-hop arena by providing backing for a previous Flashback and other classics.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Open Warfare Open Thread

Tiger Woods has accelerated what was already brewing.

The media, knowing it sells, has declared OPEN WARFARE on dudes who cheat.

I didn't really know shit about Jesse James before a few weeks ago and now, based on what I've been spoonfed, I'm hating dude.

Tiki Barber is toast.

Question: is the measure of a man really whether or not he cheats on his wife?


Damn...these ladies aren't taking this cheating anymore. Garcelle put her husband on blast.

Garcelle = One Bad Ass Haitian Goddess.

All Grown Up...

New isht from Kiely Williams, formerly of the Child Actor Sweatshop Network's Cheetah Girls and 3LW. It's gotten some buzz on the Web. I'm interested in what folks' opinions of the subject matter, visuals, or whatever else are.

Before you view, though, keep these things in mind:

1. She and the Cheetah gang supposedly have a movie coming out with Disney next year.
2. She's probably kept her clothes on longer than any of the original 3LW members.
3. Her momma guardian/sister runs her record label. HER MOMMA GUARDIAN/SISTER.
4. Kinda NSFW.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh, Virginia...

Happy Confederate History Month, y'all!

I have good hair.

Although he's stepped back a little bit from his initial statement, Virginia governor Bob McDonnell set off a isht storm of sorts when he issued a declaration declaring April "Confederate History Month" in the Commonwealth.

The major point of contention was his original declaration made no reference to slavery playing a role in the Civil War (or "the War of Northern Aggression" for our readers below the Mason-Dixon). Instead, it praised the sacrifices of the Confederate soldiers.

The Sons of the Confederate Veterans (yeah, they're an actual group) and other folks of that ilk blew McDonnell kisses for standing up to the P.C. version of that War Americans are often taught. After all, the Confederates were freedom fighters trying to protect their way of life.

Granted McDonnell finally issued the proclamation he should've the first time, I wasn't all torn up about it being released in the first place. Why, you ask? I have a decent rebuttal.

Take the media and other curious types on a tour of places Confederates were trying to defend, like the building that presently houses the Northern Virginia Urban League. During and prior to the Civil War, the building was part of a slave dungeon. If you go into the basement, you can see and touch actual shackles that are still drilled into the walls, 150 years plus after the fact. Then learn how the original owners of that building spent the money they made off of selling black people.

This is all part of Confederate history, isn't it? Why not remind some folks.


Black Tea Partiers

Breitbart's got an unintentionally funny article about black people in the conservative Tea Party movement.

One of them, Angela McGlowan, is no longer at FOX News (a conservative at FOX?) and is now running for office in Mississippi. Curious if any readers down there want to weigh in on the local issues at play.

Does anyone know a black tea partier? What do our Republican readers think of the tea party movement in general? I'm legitimately curious.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Boondocks Season 3 is coming.

Love it.

And this always makes me laugh.

The Genius of Michael Steele?

Tough times for the RNC's HNIC.

The latest knock against him being a reimbursement made to cover charges at a TMZ hotspot. Now it's been announced that his Chief of Staff has resigned.

With a number of his underlings falling like proverbial flies around him, you'd think Steele would be making sure he had a few empty boxes in his trunk just in case he gets a Friday afternoon pink slip. But I don't think he's got anything to worry about.

For a second, let's set aside Mike's compelling personal narrative: adopted into a poor family, kicked out of Hopkins to eventually graduate from G-town Law, yadda yadda yadda.

Prior to his current job, and to the best of my knowledge, Steele's leadership and management duties have been rather limited. Sure, he was Lt. Governor of Maryland, but that position isn't individually elected and kind of light on the job functions. He ran a failed senate race and, by all accounts, was kind of an untouchable in conservative circles due to it and what some thought was his tendency to grandstand.

Enter Barack Obama.

All of a sudden, charismatic, savvy black men became political gold mines. The Dems had theirs and the GOP looked for the best thing they had (sorry, Ken Blackwell. You ain't it). Steele basically told the GOP, in more words, "If you don't elect me chair, you'll forever be seen as a white boys' club".

His strategy worked, mostly.

For a while he was the toast of conservatives. But slowly, the wheels started to come off. The whole "hip-hop Conservative" thing didn't play well with the Mr. Bigsbys of the world. He relaunched the RNC website with his "What Up" blog. And, among other things, spent fiscal conservatives' money a little more than they'd like.

Besides the NJ governor and Massachusetts Senate races, Steele's press has been isht this year. So when he came out this weekend and suggested there was a race basis to the criticism levied against him.

This was smart on Mike's part. More explicitly than his first time he came out of the gate, he essentially said, "Look, if y'all even look at me like you're thinkin' about something, you're dead". Any attempt to fire him would cement the Republican = anti-black equation. Thus, Steele can just about get away with anything short of murder until his term is up next January.

At that time, though, we'll likely see a Repub recoil to some dude from a confederate state. After all, Steele barely beat out a guy who belonged to an all-white country club and got into politics because the federal government dared to meddle in "states' rights" to desegregate schools.

So while Money Mike's iron-cladded his job security (and speaker's fees), he's irreparably harmed the chances of any moderate (which was his billing) and probably any person of color, taking the GOP chair position in the future. I don't mean near-term, either. I mean for damn near eternity.

So, should liberals/Dems be getting happy feet over this or is this the ultimate political rope-a-dope where Mike's taking a hit so Repubs can come back with vengenance post-Steele?

Monday, April 5, 2010


Yep, I'm definitely going soft. Because I heard this song on a loud system over the weekend, and that joint was banging.

It's like hip hop saw MIA and was like "nah, Diplo, you can't do hip hop better than we do."

Trinidad stand up. It's clear to me Nicki's not going anywhere for a while (and hip hop in general has been waiting for someone to fill the "female rapper" void left when Eve started acting, Missy basically retired, and Lil Kim...well...she's just Kim.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Is it just me? Am I going soft?

This R&B song is dope to me. And it's Alicia Keys?!

Not usually feeling straight up radio R&B, but the track is hot and the lyrics are ill. Anyone else think this song might have everything to do with Alicia, Swizz Beats, and his ex?

Flashback Friday

Back in the day I used to record episodes of every "black" or "black-associated" show MTV aired. "Fade To Black", "The Grind", "Yo!" and so on. Since I grew up in the boondocks, I had to keep up with what the kids in the cities were looking, wearing and listening to. That said, there's no way in hell I'd be able to use the same means today.

Anyway, I was reviewing some of those VHS tapes a few days back and came across an episode of "Club MTV" with Downtown Julie Brown. Today's Flashback was in the video mix and I was briefly reminded that I liked this joint back in the day.

Apparently, based on comments made about the video on YouTube, most of the folks in the video were associated with a Department of Defense high school in the UK. So hooray for the Cold War for producing this hip house hit along with this one (dude was in the service in Germany when he recorded it, if memory serves me correctly).