Sunday, February 28, 2010

Frank Rich: When Crazy Becomes Respectable

According to NYT's Frank Rich and others, the Right is only growing more radical and violent.

[If] I were to place an incautious bet on which political event will prove the most significant of February 2010, I wouldn’t choose the kabuki health care summit that generated all the ink and 24/7 cable chatter in Washington. I’d put my money instead on the murder-suicide of Andrew Joseph Stack III, the tax protester who flew a plane into an office building housing Internal Revenue Service employees in Austin, Tex., on Feb. 18. It was a flare with the dark afterlife of an omen.

I think he's right. It's a dark column from him, but any study of history would tell us that the current path we are on is NOT tenable.

Andrew Stack, hero? Yes. Party of Paul and Palin? Possibly. Texas secession? On the table.

Dark, but you should read the case he puts out.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Music I Heard In NYC And Bought Thanks To SHAZAM

Goldfish (Mbira Beat)

this one goes down so smooth

Dollars (Steve Spacek/J Dilla)

Keep It Up (Milton Wright Jr.)

NOTE: Diallo always spins the following song but I can never remember the name so I had to Shazam it when I heard this other DJ playing it at a party recently.

TNT (Theophilus London)

Lonely Avenue (Stephen Marley)

Throw It In The Bag
Remix (Fabo & Drake...ummm, not gonna say WHERE I heard this one, but there may have been some single dollars involved.)

One more I couldn't find on youtube.

Leroy Hutson - Can't Say Enough About Mom

Mr. Hutson himself.

I may have to start spinning soul music exclusively.

Sampling Is The Shit

Been rocking to this all weekend. forgot how much I liked it.

Soopaman Luva 3

I seemed to remember that there were 2 other songs that used that sample but maybe I was wrong. Were there? What were they?

(UPDATE: Duh, I'm so embarrassed, it was Nas, One Love.


This is the sample, by the way. I know people hate on sampling, but I'm always impressed that someone found something so great and let me in on it.

The Heath Brothers - Smilin' Billy Suite Part 2

Then there's this:

Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk

Vibes And Stuff


Yo, Diallo, Jacarl, Craig (who never blogs, but whatever) - we need to do a thing on this blog called, Name That Sample where we try and stump people.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Flashback Friday

Black History Month is closing out this weekend so it's almost fitting that DC is playing host to what I think is one of the most blackity-black groups of all time Saturday. Without question, Brand Nubian was on some Allen Payne-type isht.

85-ers. 5%-ers. God-bodies. Knowledge of self. Puba, Jamar and Sadat/Derek X were a rapping advertisement for the Nation of Gods and Earths and their ilk.

Whatever you think of their philosophy, you can't help but listen to this, realizing it was popular at the time, and wonder what the hell is going on nowadays. I know it's an old debate/conversation but what happened to the days of smarts/wittiness being cool in (popular) hip-hop?

Oh well. I'll get off my high horse. Let me get back to watching Belly 2 on BET. Seriously, I'm watching Belly 2 (smh).

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Musings pt. 2

1. Why Mom's Shouldn't Be Allowed To Listen to Hip Hop...EVER.

Mom and I were talking today about how they're laying off people in the city of Chicago. She was joking about how more women have to be strippers to make ends meet.

Then, she sang:

"Everybody's hustlin' hustlin' hustlin', Everybody's hustlin'"

mom. Stop it. ugh.

2. Is The South Less Racist Than The North?

I was in NOLA recently and I had the same feeling I had when I was in Birmingham Alabama recently.

I feel like racial relations in the south are similar to relations between a husband and wife who used to fight all the time when they were young, and now they just know how to stay out of each other's way.

It just feels like racism down there is settled law.

It used to be exciting but now the people are just tired of it. Almost bored of it. Does it ever come up, sure, from time to time. But I feel way more racism in Boston than I do in Birmingham.

3. This is Obama's fault!

White Sorority wins the Sprite Step Off.


They gave us the Presidency...BUT TOOK STEPPING?!?!?

"that wasn't part of the deal, Blackheart!"

(5 points for whoever gets the quote.)

4. Our Blogging Has Been Slow.

We're on hiatus. I've been watching lots of ice skating. It's so good.

What have you been up to?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I've been on a few historic tours in places like DC, Boston and New Orleans. I've enjoyed them all. But what about something more contemporary?

Let me just say, I think dude must read this blog. The whole enterprise sounds like a proposal I made in my inaugural post over two years ago.

I got idea-jacked.

But seriously, is this the new wave of tourism/economic development for our urban areas? Would you even take the tour or do you already live in it?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Flashback Friday

Before Eminem there was Miilkbone. And yeah, that spelling is right.
Straight out of NJ, I believe he was affiliated with Naughty By Nature. He was that one white dude in the really bad black neighborhood.
Honestly, I don't know much to say beyond that. Dude was a real flash in the pan. "Keep It Real" dropped and that was about it for Bone.

Luckily, the interwebs give people eternal life and I think I found him.
Talk about a shift. From The Box to the steel yard and bodybuilding.

But let's take a few minutes to remember Miilk's first career and the quintessential New York area, black and white shoot in urban decay music video we all came to love in the mid-'90s.

P.S.-Take a look at the request scroll at the bottom. I had to go look up some of those because I'd forgot about them. And just think, you had to pay $2.50 to watch them on demand back in the day. Gotta love progress.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why I Didn't Hate Jury Duty

A couple of things happened to put this post idea in my head:

1) I got my US District Court jury duty deferred so I can go to Vegas; and
2) Two stories about juries, one in the LA Times and another about a sister in Detroit who showed her ass during deliberations. Of course, this shit had to happen in Detroit.

Right up there with taxes and their job, folks can't stand jury duty. Personally, I don't completely understand why. You're afraid jury duty might keep you away from work? Really? Be real. Your ass is probably checking Google News or this site for the first hour of the day, anyway. So what are you doing that you can't be torn away from? Remember, America. You hate your job, too.

A few months back I actually got selected to serve on a jury trial.

And I liked it.

Why, you ask? Maybe it's because I watched too many episodes of SVU but I also like to see people attempt to make a compelling argument. And the two days I spent on the jury were filled with arguments, some good and others crap-ass.

Here's the scenario: A young cat named Johnson got picked up for attempting to distribute crack in Southeast DC/Anacostia, which is a felony. In DC, all felony level cases are prosecuted by US Attorney's Office, so it's literally "The United States v. Johnson". That isht just sounds heavy.

Off the bat, the Assistant US Attorney, I'll refer to her as Elle Woods cuz she was a dead ringer for the Legally Blonde heroine in both appearance and speech, painted a picture of Johnson being a typically DC dude: 20-something with dreads, no real job, etc. To make easy money, he sells crack. On the day in question, Johnson was walking from a corner towards an apartment building when Officers Bear and WV Redneck spotted him. They pursued him briefly in their patrol car before exiting the car and rushing Johnson as he entered the building. As Officer Bear went to apprehend Johnson, he saw Johnson make a tossing motion into a utility closet. After making a sweep of the building's second floor, Officer Redneck searched the closet and found a baggie of what turned out to be crack cocaine. Additionally, Johnson had $104 in cash on him.

Seems pretty damning, right? Wrong.

For the time's sake, I'll condense the story a bit. When the cops took the stand, they completely contradicted each other. Redneck had seen Johnson before, Bear hadn't (the cops had been partners for years on thousands of such cases. Johnson just looked like a typical SE DC dude). One said the pursuit was leisurely, the other said it was hella fast. The prosecution's picture evidence didn't portray the entire closet, the defense's did. That place could've had anything stashed in it. Johnson's fingerprints weren't on the baggie. The cops were responding to a general concern about drug sales in the neighborhood, not anything related to Johnson, his activities or even with anything going on that day. The cops never saw him selling or attempting to sell anything. Basically, the government was putting together a case that was barely there.

One thing that really pushed me in the direction of "not guilty" was when an "expert" witness claimed the $104 was money from drug sales. I haven't been on the streets lately, but are dealers seriously breaking change on the corner? One hundred and FOUR dollars? Really?

But oh no. There's more.

I have the bestest strategy ever.

By the end of the trial, Elle Woods was reeling. The defense attorney ripped her case from rooter to tooter. Closing out, Johnson took the stand in his own defense. On cross-examination, Johnson held his own and Woods was severely wounded so she threw the sink. Here's the final exchange:

Woods: Mr. Johnson. Are you some type of celebrity?
Johnson: Ah, no.
W: Mr. Johnson. Are you an athlete?
J: No.

And here comes the kicker--
Woods: Mr. Johnson. Are you some type of rapper?

As ridiculously stereotypical as it sounded, it was taken to a whole new level of stupid when she utilized universal DJ body language by mimicking the scratching of a record on a turntable motion with her left hand and working an imaginary cross-fader with her right. DJ Qbert she was not.

It was fucking amazing. I almost lost my composure with laughter and a couple other jurors almost did the same.

Needless to say, Mr. Johnson answered "No" again as Woods asserted the defense was trying to make Johnson out as the victim of a police set-up. 'Cause, you know, black celebrities, athletes and rappers are always claiming they got set-up by The Man. If that's what the defense was attempting to do, I didn't see it and I'm one of the most scrutinizing mofos you'll ever meet. The trial wrapped up with the defense attorney warning about perils of the War on Drugs, which he argued his client had gotten caught up in. Johnson fit a profile and was in a neighborhood where drug sales are prevalent. The cops involved were vets of this war and let their past experiences taint their view of this case. The $104 wasn't from drug sales, it was to buy clothes for Johnson's daughter at the mall (or so was his claim).

Before I got to deliberate with the other jurors, though, I was told that I was the previously undisclosed alternate juror and wouldn't have a chance to weigh in on the verdict. I went home but a few days later I checked the court's web site and discovered the jury found Johnson not guilty after talking about the case for about 30 minutes. I was glad because, based on the evidence presented, the government hadn't proved its accusations.

More than anything, though, I'm glad I was picked to serve. I'd previously worked in a police department researching and drafting police procedures but to see how some of those rules were executed poorly opened my eyes to certain aspects of the criminal justice system. The system works well lots of the time but there are others when it goes way wrong. The only real check against the dumb shit pulled by folks like Woods and these cops is a jury. So when more people start bitching and moaning about taking some time out of their lives to serve their community for a few hours, I gotta object. Your community needs your participation so stop the crocodile tears and do your damn duty. You could make an impact and learn something in the process.

So, what's your take?

Friday, February 12, 2010

What's This Chick's Deal

(via Bossip)

This woman makes me laugh out loud.

She's angry because, wait for it...

...Wale doesn't have any dark skinned ladies for his video hoes.

"Dark skinned girls can be whores and sluts too!"

Really? This is the fight you wanna have? This is your battle?

Priorities, people.

(not to mention the fact that I'm sure Wale cast women he found "pretty". Sorry, tastes are like opinions which are like assholes...yadda.)

Now, as a man who was raised on hip hop and has seen a thousand videos, please don't insult both of us with the whole, "female sexual empowerment" bullshit.

The majority of women in rap videos are there to be mindless sexual fantasies. Period. I won't say it's wrong or right...but don't pretend there's anything remotely high-minded or empowering about it. It's a slut parade.

Watch the "offending" video:

Wale - Pretty Girls Remix Music video from cranky hipster on Vimeo.

Is Michael Steele a Secret Democrat?

There are few juxtapositions of words and images MORE damaging than Steele's latest, which The Daily Show captured.

RNC Meeting in Hawaii
The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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Okay, maybe this dude is a Democrat. I've always told Diallo that it's much easier to rise to power as a black man in the Republican Party than in the Democratic party. We even made a totally non-controversial video about it.

That totally didn't get us any hate mail.

So...what if Steele is just the ultimate Democrat and trying to bring down the Republican party from the inside?

Cuz if not, he's a fucking idiot.

Flashback Friday

I've been hunkered down in my crib since Tuesday due to Snowmageddon, only emerging to check whether or not the city came to remove the tree limb that snapped in my yard and dig out my car and neighbors.

Friday I'm facing a 30+ block walk in sub-freezing weather to the office since no buses are running through my 'hood because the roads are impassable, knowing damn well there isn't any work that gonna get done by anybody.

Did I mention I have to go back to the office after two days off?

Oh well. At least I can look forward to Friday night when one of my favorite producers/DJs comes to town.

I've mentioned him before but it's worth giving Louie Vega his props again. Here's a track he and his partner Kenny Dope reworked featuring Vega's then-wife, India. "Runaway" and the album it came from were one of my first forays into non-classical music outside of hip-hop. Needless to say, Vega's made an impression on me and dude skills and output place him on my short list of greatest producers of all-time. Take a listen.

Man, Friday night can't come soon enough.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Freestylin' With The Roots...and Q-Tip

You gotta hear this.

Freestyling with Thought and Tip

I overheard Thought and Quest talking about it yesterday before the show. It's so funny our differently people who are really in the lore of hip hop think about it than do those of us who are simply fans.

WE...are the world?

Watched this last night and had a few observations.

1. So Kim Carnes got a solo but my boy Jeffrey Osborne couldn't get any tick? Bullshit! And James Ingram is in the opening with the other superstars AND he's closing out the whole track, but Paul Simon got one half a verse? Come on, man. Politics!

2. What if Bruce Springsteen thought this whole thing was a chance to show off his comedy chops? I mean he comes in WAY over the top.

Also, do you think Bruce was unprepared for Stevie to knock it out the park like that? I feel like Bruce had more gusto when he sang earlier, then Stevie just killed it and he was like, "This is some bullshit. Oh, I know, I'll go in the other direction and be all mellow."

3. This video has Jackson inflation. Why was LeToya in the room?

4. Who's the dude in the back with the glasses and the skinny tie at 4:18 standing behind what's her name from the Pointer Sisters?

5. If I had to ask one person to maybe not be on the track...gotta go with Ms. Cyndi Lauper. I love Cyndi, she shouldn't be soloing with MJ, Steve Perry and Dionne Warwick are in the same room. It's a little uncomfortable to watch it.

6. DAMN Diana Ross had a great voice. Even then. I know she was supposed to be the inspiration for the lead in DreamGirls, but I would never consider her voice to be Two-Dimensional.

7. I refuse to watch the new one with Kanye and those guys. Is it any good?

8. Was Willie Nelson high in the video, he seems like, you know, not really ready to record. Like someone woke him up in the back dressing room and was like, "Willie it's at your part!"

9. I LOVE how Kenny Loggins and Lionel Ritchie felt the need to be all cool and hold their earphones with one hand. "I gotta distinguish myself!"

I especially love how some people got on the mic like, "It's my turn, watch this!" Looking in your direction, Daryl Hall.

10. Who determined the order of where people stood? That must have been a tough job, "Uh, Mr. Belofante, gonna need you way up in the back. Randy Jackson, front row."

11. Most underrated voice on the track: Huey Lewis. The dude had pipes.

12. Who do you think was the richest person in the room at that time? I'm gonna go: MJ because I think he owned the Beatles catalog at that point and I don't feel like looking it on on wiki right now.

Who do you think was the biggest asshole in the room? My vote is Diana Ross, I just feel like she saw this as beneath her.

Best Beard? Quincy Jones as a sleeper pick. You'll know him as "guy who's on camera a ton even though he's just conducting."

13. Is it me or is Kenny Rogers a little too eager for Paul Simon to get off the mic. You can almost detect a hint of, "calm the fuck down" in Paul's face as he steps back.

14. You think Al Jarreau was just like, "I don't know how I got invited to be here, but if I keep quiet they won't notice I shouldn't be singing ahead of some of the people behind me." Look, I love Al Jarreau, Look To the Rainbow Live and Tenderness are two of my heavy rotation albums, but...he was little high on the food chain in this video.

15. What do you think?

The Original HBO Intro

I am old enough to remember this intro.

Does anyone else remember this?

Fun to watch even if you don't.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Two Cents for John Mayer

Have you read John Mayer's response when asked if black women throw themselves at him?

Read it here.


I feel like Mayer was one of these dudes that many black people saw as wack...then he did that crazy good bit with Chappelle about dancing to music and then black people were like, "Chapeezy gave him the stamp of approval, he's good."

Now, to be fair, it's completely unnecessary for an artist to be "in with black people"...but it sure as hell doesn't hurt either, (see Timberlake, Justin).

So, as I said about Paul Shirley a few weeks ag0, I just don't understand why John would say some that alienates his black fans. The entire basis of sales for many pop stars is that women find them desirable. So why would you tell a large segment of those women, not just that "you prefer blondes" but that you aren't attracted to them and then invoke a horrible racist at that.

I'm not daft. I know that it's impossible to understand what's in a person's heart. I get it. But when I say I don't understand why John would do that, I mean from a business/marketing POV.

To wit:

1. No more stars of the urban world can be seen with dude for a minute, that might hurt their image. It may also impact his numbers some.

2. It makes him look really bad when he could have just not said it and continued on his racist way.

3. The media will now label him as they've done Mel Gibson to some degree and it will affect the opportunities that come his way.

4. The only public figures who will defend John's words will be the least desirable types. The people who you DON'T want defending you.

Look, there are probably dozens of famous people who secretly harbor hateful views. The vast majority of them are smart enough to keep their mouths shut about it.

Also, if you're making a killing as an artist I don't understand the need to say shit about shit. Be easy, cash those checks and have fun. Why destroy you own brand? Why not just stay tight-lipped and let the world make up fantasy narratives that keep you well-paid (See: Jordan, Michael)

Again, not sure why John did that.

What do you think?

Also, I was having a discussion about this with Questlove, who's friends with Mayer, just a few minutes can read Ahmir's thoughts on his twitter.


I know very little about this group.

Reminds me of acts like Zero 7 and 4Hero.

But just plain ol' hot.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Video Game Lullabies

I love when video game commercials combine gorgeous music with their trailers. I'm a sucker for it.

Gears of War

Dante's Inferno (From the Superbowl)

Halo III

Just notice it's the games that are the most bloody and violent that have this warrior poet inspired meme.


and speaking of beautiful, I told you guys that the latest Prince of Persia game had the greatest video game ending of all time and I stand by that.

seen below, the game ends when you defeat all the bad guys and restore light to the land, a land bathed in darkness after a prideful king made a deal with the devil to bring his daughter back to life.

yadda yadda,

but a strange thing happens at the end of the game. the king's daughter, whom you've been questing with all game, for hours and hours and hours and hours of gameplay...dies. And then, after short credits roll, you realize you still have player control...the game just lets you stand there and decide what to do.

In the end, the game gives you the choice of restoring darkness back to the land and bringing her back to life. It gives you the chance to undo all you've done.

All while this sick music and evil voices resonate.

I had never seen that before...and it blew me away.

Ending of Prince Of Persia

Yesterday's Twitterversy

Ok, you gotta look at these in order. And if you read the tweets RE: the issue at hand, act like you don't know what the f--k is going on.

Wale's new video for the single, "Pretty Girls".

Next up, Wale's even newer video, posted in part as a response to what folks were saying about the first clip, "My Sweetie":

Got it?

Now, guess that Twitterversy!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The "Good Intentions" of "Good" People

In regards to those "good people" who tried to steal across the border with some girl Caille from the SF Chron once again hits the nail on the head.

New Music Monday - Statik Selectah

He's got the hot producer hand right now, and here he teams up Consequence, whose track Whatever You Want was one of the hottest 2009 tracks.

Superbowl Thoughts

1. The Colts didn't get outplayed. They got out-coached.

Not sure why they decided to go three and out at the end of the first half instead of letting Peyton throw it, they could have been up 17 - 3 or 13 - 3 going into the half.

Then their best lineman was on the sidelines because he wasn't ready to play as he thought they'd have the ball when the second half started.

As a coach, once you see a high powered offense go for it on 4 and short in a big game, that should get your head spinning that these guys are desperate to win. You can't just make have to think, "If I were a desperate coach what would I do..." and you put your "hands" team in at the top of the 1st half, just in case.

So much in football is based on "high probability" plays. Before the pick that won the game the announcer, and I , thought the Saints would play a zone at the line, instead..they blitzed forcing a bad throw.

Again, as the coach, how are you NOT ready for the blitz? Manning is amazing at picking up the blitz, except when he thinks the other team wouldn't dare go for it. You see, usually, when Peyton senses your blitz, he torches you for a score.

But once the Saints have already shown they they're willing to do 5 other, "They wouldn't dare" are you not ready for the blitz on 3rd and short.

Verdict: "Out-coached"

2. The Saints didn't come to play, they came to win. They put it all on the line and it worked. They used stuff out of Madden. It was amazing to see it live.

3. I'll be in NOLA next week for Mardi Gras, should be a compelling time. And NO...I don't take pictures.

Game over.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Flashback Friday

If you're in the Mid-Atlantic region, you can feel my pain. The Al Rokers of the world are saying DC's gonna get rocked by an epic snowstorm starting late Friday morning and wrapping up Saturday night. Prediction: 16-22 inches.

Oh isht.

Folks are losing their minds-- buying shit-tons of food and toilet paper they don't really need.

Geek down folks. You're gonna be OK.

But it got me thinking about urban music videos filmed in snowy locations. I had two ideas come to mind first but I didn't feel as though they qualified due to them coming out in the '00s.

There's something about "urban" and "winter" that just don't seem to go together. So when they do pair up, the combo sticks out. What's my pick for the week? It's slightly low-hanging fruit but I opted for the aptly named Snow. To me, it's funny how a hip-hop staple, girls in bikinis, gets imported from its warmer video shoot cousins. I can just hear the director: "Eh, put her in a fur hat, coat and halter-top. She'll be straight".


"Girl I've Been Hurt" was a pioneer of the "urban winter wilderness" video genre. I hope Siilk and Joker the Bailbondsman recognize that.

Sure, crack on Snow all you want for his body of work but he was a video trailblazer and, be honest, I bet you'd rock this instrumental.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Have Your Mind Blown

At the 2:00 minute mark, you will see how Swizz goes from sampling JUSTICE's "D.A.N.C.E." to the beat for Jay-Z's "On To The Next One."

Jay-Z and Justice - On To The Next Dance (Terry Urban and DJ Eloy video edit) from Eloy Garcia on Vimeo.

Wow...heard both these songs a million times but never "heard" that.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

NOT In Praise of Patrick Ewing

(inspired by Simmons)

As the NBA season gets into full swing, lets take a minute and look back on the day when my Bulls used to regularly abuse the Knicks.

So good.

(Diallo Update: And below, witness an amazing Kobe moment from THIS season. No one better in the clutch.)

Avatar Review Redux

No post in the history of this site has elicited more responses than the one I did on Avatar, in which I said that it sucked.

The critiques ran the gamut.

Some pointing out that I simply took a fun movie too seriously others more stridently saying that I'm a backwards-thinking idiot.

My main critique of the film was that, once again, it's up the the white man to save the natives. One commenter, "humanb" broke down every one of my arguments and said the following:

I didn’t see the main character in this film as a white hero who saves the inferior natives from themselves. I saw him as a flawed human with an initially inferior and ignorant worldview (shared by all humans), who helps save the natives from his own race. The message here is that it takes someone intimately familiar with the evil of his own, to defeat that evil.

Sadly, "humanb", history doesn't bear you out. There are copious examples of "new evil" that was defeated by those who first encountered it. It's not a truism.

Additionally, the main thrust of those who disagreed was that Avatar was a noble attempt to savage man's inability to live in harmony with nature. Fine...but a million movies have already made that point.


(I feel like I can't say that enough.)

Lastly, I just think that Cameron was one of the few big budget, sci fi directors who knew his way around the script page. He was a talented writer. Yet the writing in this movie was baffling when you consider his other work (ghost writer, anyone?) do you go from "deft" to "awkward" as a writer so quickly. Even more, how do you do that with a movie you allegedly wrote about 10 years ago when you were still very close to your prime.

I remain confused and disappointed.

Obama Gives It To 'Em Raw

I gotta say, your boy Big O is at his best when he feels cornered.

He looks happier and more at ease and, frankly, more smooth in a room full of people who want to defeat his agenda than he does anytime he's around a bunch of Democrats.

Watch this in full if you can, it's mildly epic.

Maybe after all those years debating in high school, college, grad school and as a professor the area of debate is his comfort zone.

Thank GOD this was made available to the public.

That said, the most dangerous opponents to the President's agenda are not on his right if you know what I mean.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Roger Ailes versus Arianna and Krugman

Cage match:

but quite good overall. Part 2 of it below.

Try to watch without watching it all. Stimulating conversation.

Also, Ailes is, as Bashir would like to say, a guy who has the look of someone who has had a ton of good steak dinners.